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Justin Jones-Fosu expertly shows us how to take risks and seek our own truth.  His no-nonsense advice and experienced insights will help any reader map out their own life course, and enjoy every step of the journey!”

- Selena Rezvani, Columnist for Forbes.com and Author of The Next Generation of Women Leaders

Read this book! Justin has done an amazing job in “Finding Your Glasses” of bringing together some of the best ideas, research, and tools needed to build a happy and highly successful life. This book is full of powerful ideas that can have a dramatic impact on your future. You will find your glasses if you read, pay attention to and take action on the life-improving information in this book.

- John Spence, One of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America

Justin challenges you to face the person in the mirror. He leads you in deciding if this is the real you or a copy of societal and/or relational expectations and norms.  Then he gives you the tools needed to really live.

- Juanita Rogers, Stay at Home Wife/Mother and Homeschooler

In Finding Your Glasses, Justin Jones-Fosu challenges the very definition of true success and questions what it means to live the American Dream.  Justin does not leave the reader with unanswered questions, but  helps you seek answers, find your glasses and see more clearly your path to authentic success!

- Ben Sorensen, Vice President of Optimum Associates, LLC

Reflecting on my life experiences, I must say Justin gets to the heart of what really matters in this book. Working hard may reap financial success, but without a true vision of one’s core values, authentic success cannot be obtained. Effort must align with personal core values, and Justin captures this with grace.

- Brenda Young, Educator of at Risk Youth

Through the metaphor of glasses, Justin clearly and passionately shares not a “one size fits all” model of success, but a way to perceive our own journey, inviting the reader to reflect, act and discover his or her individual road … not only to success but to self fulfillment.

- Guillermo Brown, Spanish Teacher and Radio Host of Fiesta Musical

Finding Your Glasses is a must have when it comes to finding success in anything you are passionate about! You can tell that Justin didn’t just put some thoughts down on paper, but he truly cares that his readers find their purpose and better their lives! This essential guide helps direct one’s goals into simple and effective steps to gain maximum success!

- Rebekah Wood, College Student

Justin Jones-Fosu gets it! He  understands the formula for success and even better has made it his mission to share it with others in his new book, “Finding Your Glasses.”   Our lives are a product of the lens that we view the world through and Justin helps you find the right prescription.

- Deborah Owens, Author of A Purse of Your Own, Simon and Schuster

Justin does such a great job at exposing dangerous ideas that we have bought into as truth. On this journey Justin gives practical methods and wise advice to achieve authentic success. He combines his fresh perspective with real interviews and thoughtful research. I’m excited for anyone that gets a hold of this book.

- Robert Spangler, Founder and Owner of Emerge Web Studio

Justin has wonderfully crafted a reflective book that has the potential to change lives for the better. He uses humor, real life examples, and wisdom to help people understand that success is not what you have, but it is what you do. Truly refreshing look at an old topic

- Bryant K. Smith, Author and Expert in Releasing Human Potential

The ability to help others attain ultimate and lasting prosperity in all areas of their life is how I define true success.  Justin has underlined the values and principles of doing just that.  We are at a point where the need for true success has become so great.  I believe the principles and values stated in this book will turn your life around.  Definitely read and reread this book!

- Andrews Kwabena Nyantakyi, Chief Executive Officer of Agape Village of Hope International (Ghana)

Truly Inspiring! “Finding Your Glasses” guides you on a personal journey and inspires you to take action.  By providing practical tools and tips, this book demystifies the process for achieving authentic success.   Justin, with the help of other great authors and scholars, examines the true meaning of success and challenges you to clarify your vision for the future.

- Jeanette Jordan, MBA, Senior Marketing Manager and Entrepreneur

Many authors fail to capture and motivate their readers with relatable and realistic  material. Justin connects by delivering a practical method of achieving something we seek through our own unique, often clumsy methods. Along the way, your thinking and viewpoints on how to attain personal success will be broadened, challenged, and enhanced.

- Mike Armstrong, Employee & Labor Development Manager

Finding your Glasses is a powerful analogy and Justin crafts this analogy into a guide for authentic success for our age!   In ”Glasses”, Justin challenges and provides readers with a step-bystep guide to restoring their personal vision for their lives. As you use his tools you will begin to see your life’s journey with greater clarity on the road to achieving sustainable happiness! Go ahead and find your glasses — you will be much happier for having done so!!!!

- Aisha Oliver, College Educator

As someone who wears glasses, and has tried to wear others glasses, I realize that it is essential that I wear a custom prescription (lens and frame) in order to achieve a comfortable 20/20 vision. In this book, Justin has unlocked the key for you to be able to clearly see a successful vision of your life.   Justin’s book has allowed me to reflect and see in what ways I can upgrade my own prescription and be happy and successful in life. This book is a must!!!”

- Jared Wilkins, Pastor, Leadership Coach, and Motivational Speaker

Finding Your Glasses is a remarkable and admirable book as it steadily takes you on an empowering journey to create and live an authentically successful life. This potent fusion of intellectual wisdom, self-discovery learning tools and inspiration is a book for everyday people, professionals, business owners and college students on all levels who are serious about creating and employing a better plan for career advancement, improved relationships, business success, healthier living, and ultimately a better life. This is a clear insightful process that brings forth a meaningful and purposeful breakthrough that you cannot afford to miss.

- Ty Howard, President, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, MOTIVATION magazine and MOTIVATIONmagazineOnline.com

The exercises in Finding Your Glasses are thought provoking and are great aids in defining individual authentic success.  In order to keep your eye on the prize, as you define it to be, you have to be able to focus.  These exercises provide the prescription to focus on what is true for you.

- Melody Balicki, Award Winning Educator and Entrepreneur

If you want to establish a culture of continuous character development in your life or organization, Finding Your Glasses: Revealing and Achieving Authentic Success is the source to position you and others to succeed in all areas of life and achieve sustainable personal and organizational success.

- Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, Founder-CEO of Student African American Brotherhood (S.A.A.B.)