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You Talk TOO Much and 5 Other Reasons People Don’t Achieve Their Goals

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve their goals and others don’t? In order to achieve your goals all you have to do is...the opposite of most people.  Have you ever wondered why you achieve some of your goals, while some other goals that you set never get accomplished?  For those of you asking, yes I am talking about goals and it is nowhere near January 1.  I believe goal setting and goal achieving is a year long journey.  I have listed 6 researched reasons why most people don’t achieve the goals that they set, and why you do not have to be like most people.

Reason #1: You Talk Too Much

In the past few years there has been some research that states that the more people you tell about what you want to accomplish, the less likely it is that you will do it.  Let’s think about this one together.  When you tell someone (without the expectation of accountability) you get the feeling like you accomplished the goal.  Physiologically it is like you actually did it.  Why?  Most times when we tell our friend(s) something like I will lose weight, write my book, or run a marathon they respond in a positive manner.  We therefore get praise that feels like we actually did it, when we might not have done anything.  TIP: Share it with only those who will hold you accountable to actually doing it!

Reason #2: You did not set a Reachable Goal (R.E.A.L. Goals™)

Now I am not talking about trying a goal like reading the next line in this paragraph, but rather a goal that you can accomplish but is still a stretch goal.  One of my goals (hold me accountable!) is to run a half-marathon this Fall.  I have never run one, but I know with the right training, accountability, and lots of WATER I can do it!  A Reachable goal is a challenging one, but it is also one that can be accomplished.  TIP: If your goals are too easy or too hard try a goal in the middle.  It will encourage you to achieve it and build momentum along your journey!

Reason #3: You did not set an Explicit Goal (R.E.A.L. Goals™)

An explicit goal is one that is very clear, specific, and can be measured.  There is a difference in saying I want to lose weight, and saying I will lose 20 pounds in 3 months by doing P90X, training for a marathon, and changing my daily eating habits.  Isn’t that much different than “I want to lose weight!”  Your goal should be one that anyone that does not know you can see and follow how you will actually achieve it.  Without it being explicit it leaves the goal too vague to actually stick with.  TIP: Have a friend read your goal(s) to discover if it is clear enough to actually achieve it.

Reason #4: You did not set an Attractive Goal (R.E.A.L. Goals™)

Do you like things that are attractive?  If you answered yes, then we can move forward.  If you answered no, then please wait for my new post on lying (lol)!  Naturally we are more motivated toward things that look appealing to us.  What about the attractiveness of your goal?  You should clearly state why this goal is important for you to achieve and state how you would feel if you achieved it.  The emotional connection is an important one when it comes to goal setting, but is usually left out.  TIP: Write down why the goal is important and how you will feel when you accomplish it.

Reason #5: You did not set a Length-Conscious Goal (R.E.A.L. Goals™)

Length conscious goals have a starting and ending point.  The time frame does not have to be perfect, but you should set up front when you plan on accomplishing the goal by.  This will allow you to look at the other priorities in your life and determine if it is the best time to work on this goal.  This will also not allow the goal to go on for forever.  TIP: Share your estimated start and end date with a person that will hold you accountable to achieving it.

Reason #6: You did not have Accountability (A PrAP™)

Research has shown (based on an ASTD study) that you can increase your odds of achieving your goal by 40% if you tell someone else.  Now this may seem contradictory to Reason #1.  If this person will hold you accountable and will challenge and encourage you to reach the goal then this can actually help you.  A person that will hold you accountable can help you achieve more than you thought possible!  TIP: Meet with your PrAP once a month to begin achieving more of your goals!

I hope you learned from the 6 reasons that can hold you back from accomplishing your goals.  By using this information I cannot promise you that you will achieve every single goal, but I can state that your odds of achieving your goals will dramatically increase.  You can find a more detailed way to implement these concepts into your life in Chapter Six of Finding Your Glasses: Revealing and Achieving Authentic Success!  Join the Journey of Finding Your Glasses Today.

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